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The new Travel Gift Card:One gift card. Millions of combinations. With the travel gift card your customers can select from more than 400 airlines and 1.5 million hotels, along with European train options too. And with our state of the art dynamic packaging technology, you can tailor make your perfect getaway in one easy package. No ‘you must travel on this date’. No ‘you must travel from this airport’. If there is a flight and hotel available for your preferred destination the travel gift card will get you there.Our gift card comes with a 12 month booking expiry date and allows customers to book domestic and international hotels, flight + hotel packages and train + hotel packages in partnership with Eurostar.Something for everyone:Whether 2022 will bring you a weekend staycation, a relaxing week in one of Europe’s most picturesque locations, or escaping from it all with an island break. Wherever you want to go, can get you there.

1. gift cards and vouchers can be redeemed as payment or part-payment on our travel products.
2. Gift cards of £50 or more can be used for multiple bookings until the full value has been redeemed, providing the card hasn't expired.
3. Gift cards can also be used with a credit card if the booking cost exceeds the credit on the gift cards. However, gift cards and vouchers worth less than £50 can only be used once.
4. Flight-only, hotel-only or holiday-only gift cards or vouchers can only be used on the designated product, but holiday gift cards can be used on any travel product.
5. Gift cards and vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes or vouchers.
6. Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the purchase and must be activated or sent as a gift within one month.

12 months

2) Enter your search criteria – departure location, destination and travel dates.
3) Select your preferred option from the search results.
4) On the booking summary page, fill out the required passenger details and insert your gift card code in the section “Do you have a discount code or voucher?” and click on “Apply”.
5) Click “Book now” to confirm your booking.
Important: Gift cards can only be applied before confirming the booking and not as a deposit payment method. If you encounter any issues with a hotel-only booking or with a hotel chosen within a Flight + Hotel package, head to following website:

Voucher denominations: £10, £20, £25, £30, £50, £75, £100, £125, £150, £175, £200, £250, £350, £450, £500, £750, £1000, £1250, £1500, £1750, £2000, £2250, £2500, £2750, £3000, £3250, £3750, £4000

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